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Manage your board meetings

Even a small limited liability company has to hold board meetings and document the board decisions. 

Kuveno helps you manage the work of your board of directors easily, and automatically creates board meeting minutes for you.

Manage your board

Full-blown meeting management

Create meetings using agenda templates and pre-send meeting materials to attendees.


Reminders of mandatory issues you have to decide on during the year.

Annual calendar

Plan the whole year using a helpful annual calendar.

Pre-written lists

Contains pre-written lists of issues that the board needs to decide on.


Write the minutes based on the agenda by simply filling in the decisions made or selecting from a drop-down.

Working with the board of directors
can be this easy

Lead and organize board meetings and work together from anywhere, anytime.

Create a meeting by giving a title and a date
Choose from a list of ready issues to decide on, or create your own
Select whether the meeting is just for making a decision or a regular board meeting
Attach any materials that you want to share with your board
Kuveno creates an agenda and sends it out
During the meeting, you take notes in Kuveno by selecting choices from read-made lists
Kuveno writes the meetings minutes for you and sends them out for signatures
Kuveno archives the meeting minutes for later searching and access by your board or auditor

What is
included in Kuveno?

Kuveno helps you with the board meetings and much more. Our goal is to make business management as easy as possible.


Dozens of document templates for limited liability companies


Dozens of prepared agendas for board meetings 


Seven different areas for improving administrative efficiency


Dozens of useful tools to increase administration efficiency

If you don’t believe us,
believe our customers.

Why don’t you join our satisfied customers?

The duties of the Board have been all Greek to me. With the help of Kuveno I keep up with mandatory issues and can plan the board work for the whole year.


Jaakko Innanen, CEO, Contentleo Oy

Try Kuveno for free!

Manage your business easily, even with your phone or tablet. You can try the software risk-free for two weeks, we won’t even ask for your credit card information during the trial period.

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