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Is The Shareholder Register Of Your Limited Company Up-to-date?

Is the shareholder register of your Limited Company up-to-date?

The basis of our modern business world is the Limited Company (Ltd). It allows risk-taking by limiting the risk of the individuals starting the company, to only the amount of money that they put in. Unless they break the law, that is the maximum amount that the owners can lose if the business venture is not successful. Much of the prosperity built after the industrial revolution has been created in limited companies and one could argue that it is one of the most important innovations in modern times.

When you run a limited company, managing the owners of the company and the communication with them becomes important. Even if you own the company single-handedly, the law still requires you to keep track of the shares and their owners. You need to create the shareholder register immediately after starting the company and keep the information in it reliably, correctly and up-to-date. For taxation reasons, you also need to keep track of the history of your register, so that you know when the ownership was transferred.

Keeping the register up-to-date should be quick and easy. Essentially, the register is a list of the owners and the shares that they own. You also need to have the register available for viewing upon request. And note that the law sets a limit on when new shareholders can participate in shareholder meetings. In Finnish law, for example, only those persons that have been entered into the shareholder register eight working days before the shareholder meeting are entitled to participate.

The good part of the register is that it:

  • Helps you decide and calculate out dividends
  • Makes sure that you know your shareholders
  • Helps you plan investments and ownership strategies

You can also use the register as a basis for sending out invitations to shareholders’ meetings and communicating with your shareholders. If you need investments, your potential investors will want to see your shareholder register, also referred to as cap-table (capitalization table).

Kuveno has an easy-to-use shareholder register that allows you to:

  • List and print out the register with different views
  • Easily add and update the information
  • Send out messages to your owners
  • Keep a history of your changes
  • Create shareholder meeting minutes with automatic counting of voting rights

Let Kuveno help you to keep the shareholder register of your limited company up-to-date!

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