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Planning Your Board Work Helps You Keep Your Corporate Governance In Shape.

Plan your board work

A recent study of board work found that over 60 percent of successful growth companies have an active board of directors. As soon as your company grows to more than a few people, the value that you can get from…

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Hallitustyön Automatisoiminen Säästää Aikaa

What is board work?

Board work is a misunderstood element in entrepreneurship. It is a great asset, but often seen as an unnecessary administrative burden. But many companies could grow faster and be more successful if they had a board of directors, and if they…

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What is the accounting firm of the future like?

Customers demand more, but do not want to pay more for basic services. At the same time, software robots already post the accounts in many companies. As an accounting firm, you need to provide new services to make up for lost revenue and find ways to serve the customers in a more efficient manner. The development of new services is not easy, and the sale of new services will not come by itself. How will the accounting firm of the future answer these challenges?
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