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Due diligence

When you are preparing for a funding round, getting a loan or trying to convince somebody to join your board as an external board member, you need to prove that your administration and your company is in good shape.

With Kuveno you maintain your due diligence readiness automatically: all the documentation in the system is automatically analyzed, categorized and archived in the correct place. You can even see how close you are to perfect due diligence by following up on the dashboard.

Track and develop your
due diligence


Pre-configured due diligence lists and requirements.

Automatic categorization

Automatic analysis and export into the proper due diligence category of all documents imported to Kuveno.


Reminders about due diligence items and tasks.

Summary view in real-time

Progress and completion percentage for each category, and summary view of due diligence. 

Task management

Assign tasks to colleagues or accountants.

How to track and maintain your
due diligence

Tracking and maintaining your due diligence won’t get easier than this.

Upload the document from your computer, send it through email directly to the system, or create it in Kuveno.
Kuveno automatically updates your due diligence information and moves the document to the right category.
See the summary view for what categories still need your actions and complete the tasks for a complete due diligence.

What is included in

Kuveno helps you track and maintain your company’s due diligence and much more. Our goal is to make business management as easy as possible.


Dozens of document templates for limited liability companies


Dozens of prepared agendas for board meetings


Seven different areas for improving administrative efficiency


Dozens of useful tools to increase administration efficiency

If you don't believe us,
believe our customers

Why don’t you join our satisfied customers? 

Without Kuveno it would be really hard for me to follow my due diligence. Now I see everything essential at a glance from one summary view.


Jaakko Innanen, CEO, Contentleo Oy

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