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Automatic Governance Streamlines And Saves Time.

Automatic governance

Kuveno provides you with an easy way to make the governance of your customer automatic!

Automate and streamline

Your own work becomes more effective when you know that your customers have taken care of their tasks, when you have all their information at your fingertips and when you do not need to remind your customers to do their part.

Recurring tasks are reminded

Any tasks can be marked in the yearly plan and you or your customer will be reminded. Recurring tasks, such as reminding your customers of sending in materials for accounting or payroll, are automatically managed. You just set the day for which you want the reminders, and Kuveno will handle the rest. If your customers have any questions, they will be forwarded to you and connected with the task at hand.

All customer administrative info in one place

Getting the books done efficiently depends on you having all the information you need when you are doing them. In Kuveno, all the data about your customers’ administration is stored in one place so you don’t waste time looking for it. You also know in advance if a document you need does not exist or if it is not updated.

Get signatures immediately

In Kuveno, you can send documents for signing on behalf of your customer without effort. The recipient will receive a link via email and can sign with just a few clicks. You no longer have to print out and mail board meetings minutes around the world nor chase them down afterwards when one member has forgotten to mail them back.

Utilize a library of pre-made admin tasks

Kuveno contains a library of all the things that the law requires a company to do during the year as well as many other situations. For example, if your customer elects a new board member and asks what they need to do, you can choose the appropriate task-list from the library and send it to them. You can also suggest that you take care of it on their behalf.

Collect information automatically

Have you been in a situation where you need to update the information of all of your customers at the same time, such as a collect prokura holders? Then you know how painful it can be to try get your customers to reply. With Kuveno, you can automate collecting data like this. You can make one questionnaire for all your customers, or tailor it to each one individually. Kuveno handles the reminding and informs you when your customers have updated the information.

Automate workflows

Many administrative tasks depend on each other. For example, closing of the books requires a board meeting, its minutes, the signatures of the board members, calling the annual general meeting, its minutes and the signatures on the minutes. Steps like this can be automated with the help of Kuveno. You give the financial statements as input, and the rest is done by Kuveno. You can save several hours for each customer.

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