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Manage the governance of your customers and the relationship with them automatically and digitally with Kuveno.

Kuveno gives you easy-to-use tools to communicate and automate your customer relationship, so your margins and customer satisfaction increase. Kuveno also sells your services to your customers for you, which will increase your revenue.

This is the digital governance accounting firms can do with Kuveno:

  1. Offer new services

    Using Kuveno, you can take greater responsibility for managing the governance of your customers. You can offer to handle board meetings and minutes, contracts and many other administrative tasks.

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  2. Communicate and collaborate with your customer

    The relationship with your customer improves when your customers know what should be done and when. You can visualize the year, what you have agreed on, and how tasks are progressing.

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  3. Automate and streamline

    Your own work becomes more effective when you know when your customer has taken care of their tasks, when you have all their information at your fingertips and when you do not need to remind the customer to do their part.

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The future of accounting firms and their governance

Customers demand more, but do not want to pay more for basic services. At the same time, software robots already do the accounts for many companies. As an accounting firm, you need to provide new services to make up for lost revenue and find ways to serve the customer in a more efficient manner. The development of new services is not easy, and the sale of new services will not come by itself. Kuveno can help by offering digital governance for your accounting firm’s customers!

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