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Streamline your business with automatic governance

There are a lot of different things that need to be done when governing your company. Kuveno guides, reminds and advises. You get ready-made lists of admin tasks that you can do yourself or delegate to someone else.

Unlimited digital signing for free

We believe that one of the things holding us back from going truly digital is access to signing. Even one document that is signed physically causes hiccups and needs special handling. Therefore, Kuveno provides unlimited free digital signing. Any document that you upload or create in Kuveno can be signed digitally within seconds.

Automated archiving

After a document has been signed or uploaded, you don’t need to do anything. The document is automatically archived, tagged and stored. In many cases it is automatically added to you audit and due diligence lists. You can easily find it later if you need to by searching using text, tag or other metadata. No more searching through binders or folders to find that one important document. Read more!

Never miss a deadline

Forgetting to do admin tasks often has negative consequences. Starting from having to pay interest on late payments to facing legal charges for having illegal agreements, admin tasks have to be done correctly and on time. Kuveno enables both you and your accountant to set reminders and attach information about what needs to be done so that you don’t miss important deadlines.

Access to information

For the accountant to be able to do their work efficiently, they need access to all information about your company. Without that, their work will drag out causing delays and increasing costs. On the other hand, entrepreneurs seldom know when and what information is needed. Kuveno helps both sides by collecting and sharing information about salary, agreements, company structure, changes affecting the accountant or the company and most essentially: timetables. And this is all done securely.

Outsource tasks

With enough information and good tools, your accountant can help you with much more than just the accounting. Preparing agreements, writing reports and creating documentation are tasks that can take a lot of your time. Using Kuveno, your accountant can safely and securely do many of those tasks for you.

Ready-made tasklists

Most of corporate administration tasks are not difficult, as long as you know exactly what to do. For example, hiring a new employee requires you to do many small tasks that all have to be correct. Kuveno offers ready-made tasklists for situations like this that your accountant can tailor for your specific situation. After that you can do the tasks yourself, or easily outsource them.

Kuveno provides you with automatic governance – and streamlines your business!

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