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Easy governance – Everything in order all the time

It is very expensive to get your governance up-to-date afterwards. With Kuveno’s automatic, digital and easy governance, everything is correct right away and you no longer have to worry about whether you have taken care of your responsibilities or not.

See what is missing

The trouble with getting corporate governance right is that it is hard to know what is missing. Kuveno visualizes your situation so that you know exactly what pieces of information you have and what is missing. You get a simple percentage indicator of how much information you have already done. Based on this, either you or your accountant can start filling in the gaps.

Archived forever

Most of your company’s documents must be kept for at least 5 years, some for up to 10 years. What you upload or create in Kuveno, is safely stored in one place. No more shelves full of binders in storage, and no lost files or documents.

Automated categorizing

We take the work out of getting ready for an audit or due diligence. As you create or upload documents, we automatically scan and categorize them so that your corporate governance information is updated all the time. At the same time, we update the situation so that you can see how much closer to administrative perfection your most recent upload placed you.


Kuveno tells you what you need to do and when. You can set reminders for yourself or ask your accountant to set reminders for you. The reminder is connected with the tasks you need to do and with the relevant information – everything important gets done.

Audit-ready, all the time

Even if you don’t do official audits, you are still required by law to have the same governance completed. On the positive side, having your administration ready for inspection is very valuable. Using Kuveno, you can constantly see how close you are to meeting the audit criteria. And when you hit them, you can share everything with your auditor automatically. You are well prepared, and your audit materials are updated continuously without any conscious effort.

Share and shareholder register

Even a small company must maintain a register of its owners. With the help of Kuveno, it’s easy and even fun. Kuveno allows you to manage the shareholder information and easily share it with anyone.

Kuveno provides you with easy governance regarding to all this!

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