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Avoid Expensive Lawyers Regarding Legal Documents

Avoid expensive lawyers regarding legal documents

With Kuveno, you can create legal documents and contracts yourself, or ask an expert to do it for you. You save on lawyers’ fees without compromising quality.

Your automated lawyer

You don’t need a lawyer for most administrative legal documents. We guide you through the process of writing your legal documents and making sure that you don’t leave anything out. Our intelligent document technology will provide you with reasonable defaults for most situations – at best you only need to make a few clicks to create a legally binding document.

Avoid all paper

The documents you create are automatically tagged and archived so that you can find them and share them with other parties such as employees, auditors, investors or lawyers. Any created document can also be signed digitally by any number of people. You never need to print, sign, scan or mail documents again.

Set and forget

Most legal documents expire or need to be checked after a set time. With Kuveno you can easily set a reminder with any notes you need. When the time approaches, we will remind you and provide you with all the details so that you can jump in and renew agreements and contracts or fill in missing details only with a few clicks.

Collaborate with your service providers

If you don’t have the time to write your legal documents yourself, you can easily ask Kuveno’s accountant, lawyer or virtual secretary to create the document for you. We will ship off the work to be done and notify you when it has been taken care of. Kuveno’s service is easier, faster and more economic than using normal channels or hiring a lawyer.

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