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Automaattinen Ja Sähköinen Hallitustyö Helpottaa Yrityksesi Toimintaa

Automatic and digital work of board of directors

Even a small limited liability company has to hold board meetings or at least document the board decisions. With Kuveno, you can manage the work of your board of directors easily, whether you have board members or not.

Your automated board secretary

Board meeting minutes are legally binding documents. The decisions you make have to be written down correctly. We have created intelligent document technology that helps you prepare any issue that you need a board decision for. The automated issues are verified by lawyers so that you know that they are correct. All you need to do is select them from a list to include them in your meeting minutes. And we will remind you when meetings and preparation is due, so that you don’t miss anything.

Plan it and it will be done

The administration of a company follows a yearly cycle, with set milestones. Taking care of those, coupled with best practices on how to setup and run your board gives a good foundation to plan the work of your board of directors. Kuveno provides an easy-to-use planner for setting up your board work and all the decisions that you need to do during the year. We make sure that your board administration runs smoothly and that you don’t forget anything.

Secure sharing of materials

Without information, board of directors cannot prepare for meetings. But board meetings deal with strategic decisions that should under no circumstance be public knowledge. Kuveno makes it easy to share information grouped together with the meeting and does it securely. No more sending strategic information via email, because it is all securely shared, stored, tagged and searchable in Kuveno.

Access to history and governance data

By law, board members are required to be well informed about the management of the company. Using Kuveno, board members automatically get access to look up any information related to the governance of the company and to past board meetings. Automated task-follow up, digitally archived board meeting minutes and corporate governance reports are all accessible online – automatically.

Lightning fast board decisions

Standing outside the bank – but you forgot to get board approval for an extension on the loan? No problem, getting a valid board decision written and signed by all board members takes only a few minutes using Kuveno. Select the issue you need a decision on and mark it for immediate decision making. We will send out the issue for review and get all board members to sign it digitally. You can share it with your bank representative after a few minutes using just a few clicks.

Kuveno provides you with automatic and digital work of board of directors – and facilitates your everyday business.

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