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Corporate Governance Through Collaboration?

Corporate governance through collaboration?

Even in the age of digital solutions, we are still social creatures and work better together than alone. A recent study at Stanford found that those who acted collaboratively stuck at their tasks 64 percent longer than their colleagues who worked alone. At the same time, they reported higher engagement levels, lower fatigue levels and a higher success rate.

We have also all heard that we should focus on doing important things that we are good at, like Neil Patel highlights. But still entrepreneurs spend up to 40 percent of their time on tasks that don’t build their business. It’s time to change this!

Kuveno helps you to build even more efficient business

Both collaborating and delegating work need a good set of tools because otherwise you quickly spend more time defining and looking after tasks than you would need to “just do them”.

So, we built a toolset to make you more efficient at your administration. With Kuveno you can:

  • Create assignments or select them from a ready-made library so you don’t need to spend time deciding what to do and how to do your administration
  • Delegate the execution of the assignment to anyone who has access to Kuveno: your accountant, (virtual) secretary, lawyer or colleague
  • Collaborate with your board members: move decisions from email discussions directly and automatically into your board minutes
  • Collaborate with your accountant or secretary: get documents created, uploaded and signed
  • Collaborate with your lawyer: ask their opinion or have them prepare a more complicated document for you

Many of the recurring administrative tasks that you do can be delegated. When everybody concentrates on the most relevant and interesting tasks for them, you can maximize the efficiency and minimize the extra time you would be using to sort out different things. Take a look at Kuveno and let us help you focus on building your business instead of doing administrative work!

Collaboration also makes working much more pleasant!

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