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Automate Your Corporate Governance Documentation

Automate your corporate governance documentation

Have you ever been camping? Then I’m sure that you remembered to bring all the essential items you need; your tent, sleeping bag and all the things you need to make your stay more comfortable. You could just get a bag and throw in some socks and stuff – but you would probably forget something. People who go camping a lot tend to have checklists that they follow so that they won’t forget anything.

Because when you are in the wilderness, it’s too late to go get the things you have forgotten.

Similarly, you should have beforehand a list of the documentation and administration you need to have done. Sooner or later somebody will need to see proof that your company is in good shape. It might be an investor, a banker, the authorities or maybe even a potential buyer. A well-run company is worth more and is more trustworthy.

I’m sure you already have a folder somewhere on your computer or on some cloud service labeled: “Administration”. And in it, you already have many of the things you might need. But are you sure that nothing is missing and that everything is up-to-date?

Facilitate your administration with automatic documentation

We have built a way for you to know what you should have, what you already have and what is still missing. We call it “Governance checklists”. These are lists that we have compiled together with auditors that describe all the items that you need to have done. When you upload a document to Kuveno, we automatically check if that is one of the items and sort them for you. And you can upload a whole folder if you want, we will take care of sorting your precious documents.

But we went further than that. We also included a “Is this ok?” -check, so that we can actually show you what is still missing. For each of the areas, you get a percentage that indicates how close you are to having your governance in perfect order – and with one glance you can see what you still need to document.

If the regulations change, we update the checklists, so you are always current. And when the year changes, the checklists update themselves, so that your archive and history are sorted. Hopefully, you are aware that you are by law required to show minutes of all shareholder meetings over the whole history of your company? And for any other documentation that is related to your business, the time you need to have it archived is six years? This and many other troubles with documentation and corporate governance are automatically handled by Kuveno!

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