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Admin process and collaboration with your accountant

Many admin tasks require that you know exactly what to do. The tasks themselves are usually not that difficult, but because they are typically relatively infrequent, it may take a lot of effort and time to get them done. Some of these tasks can be delegated to your service providers, like your accountant. Other tasks you might prefer to do yourself. 

Kuveno provides pre-written assignments that work like checklists of things that you need to do. Using assignments you keep your admin up-to-date easily yourself or by delegating to others.

Increase administrative


A large number of pre-written assignments with detailed steps on how to do admin tasks.


Guidance on what you need to do in specific situations.

Tailored lists

Add your own assignments, tailored to your processes.

Task management

Assign tasks to colleagues or accountants.


Set reminders and follow up on long running assignments.


Collaborate with service providers like your accountant on getting the assignments doneAssign tasks to colleagues or accountants.

How to manage your
admin processes easily

Use helpful instructions and keep administrative tasks up to date.

Select an assignment from the library
Read the instructions and check off the steps as you do the tasks
Ask your accountant to help out by chatting, they see what you have done so far
Mark the assignment completed

What is included in

In addition to all this, Kuveno makes your everyday life easier in many ways. Our goal is to make business management as easy as possible.


Dozens of document templates for limited liability companies


Dozens of prepared agendas for board meetings


Seven different areas for improving administrative efficiency


Dozens of useful tools to increase administration efficiency

If you don’t believe us,
believe our customers.

Why don’t you join our satisfied customers?

With the help of Kuveno, I delegate tasks and communicate to my accounting firm very easily.


Jaakko Innanen, CEO, Contentleo Oy

Try Kuveno for free!

Manage your business easily, even with your phone or tablet. You can try the software risk-free for two weeks, we won’t even ask for your credit card information during the trial period. 

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