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Kuveno Administrative Library

With Kuveno, you can keep your governance in good shape without being an expert.
It is still important to understand what all business management is all about.
The Administrative Library is a series of articles about the things you should know.

Kuveno provides you with easy governance!

Collaboration Streamlines Your Corporate Governance.

Corporate governance through collaboration?

Even in the age of digital solutions, we are still social creatures and work better together than alone. A recent study at Stanford found that those who acted collaboratively stuck at their tasks 64 percent longer than their colleagues who…

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Shareholder Register Helps You To Stay Up-to-date About The Situation Of Your Limited Company.

Is the shareholder register of your Limited Company up-to-date?

The basis of our modern business world is the Limited Company (Ltd). It allows risk-taking by limiting the risk of the individuals starting the company, to only the amount of money that they put in. Unless they break the law,…

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Planning Your Board Work Helps You Keep Your Corporate Governance In Shape.

Plan your board work

A recent study of board work found that over 60 percent of successful growth companies have an active board of directors. As soon as your company grows to more than a few people, the value that you can get from…

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Contract Management Helps Facilitate Agreed Issues.

Contract management is an essential part of corporate governance

Contract management is how you manage what you have agreed on with others. If you have good management of your contracts, you can decrease both costs and risks. The basic elements of a contract are that it has at least…

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Automated Documentation Helps You To Avoid Future’s Problems

Automate your corporate governance documentation

Have you ever been camping? Then I’m sure that you remembered to bring all the essential items you need; your tent, sleeping bag and all the things you need to make your stay more comfortable. You could just get a…

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Hallitustyön Automatisoiminen Säästää Aikaa

What is board work?

Board work is a misunderstood element in entrepreneurship. It is a great asset, but often seen as an unnecessary administrative burden. But many companies could grow faster and be more successful if they had a board of directors, and if they…

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Forget about insecurity with document templates

Kuveno provides you with all the document templates you need to run your company. They are up-to-date and tailored to your situation. Creating contracts and employment agreements Have you ever been in a situation where you need a formal written…

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Automaattinen Ja Sähköinen Yrityshallinto Helpottaa Yrittäjän Arkea.

Digital signatures facilitate administration

Use digital signatures to facilitate your company’s everyday administration! What is a digital signature? Getting a document like board meeting minutes signed by several people can be a real hassle. You have to print the document, put it into an…

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Automaattinen Ja Sähköinen Yrityshallinto Helpottaa Yrittäjän Arkea

What is corporate governance?

Running a company is essentially agreeing with different people about how you will work together. The documents that prove that and the processes on how you control it is what is called corporate governance. When you get a new supplier,…

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The Accounting Firms Of The Future Provide You With Customer-oriented And Automated Services.

Customer-oriented accounting firms are the future

Customers demand more, but do not want to pay more for basic services. At the same time, software robots already post the accounts in many companies. As an accounting firm, you need to provide new services to make up for…

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The accounting firm of the future

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