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Kuveno Administrative Library

With Kuveno, you can keep your government in good shape without being an expert.
It is still important to understand what all business management is all about.
The Administrative Library is a series of articles about the things you should know.

Automaattinen Ja Sähköinen Yrityshallinto Helpottaa Yrittäjän Arkea.

Digital signatures facilitate administration

Use digital signatures to facilitate your company’s everyday administration! What is a digital signature? Getting a document like board meeting minutes signed by several people can be a real hassle. You have to print the document, put it into an…

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What is the accounting firm of the future like?

Customers demand more, but do not want to pay more for basic services. At the same time, software robots already post the accounts in many companies. As an accounting firm, you need to provide new services to make up for lost revenue and find ways to serve the customers in a more efficient manner. The development of new services is not easy, and the sale of new services will not come by itself. How will the accounting firm of the future answer these challenges?
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Automatic And Digital Corporate Governance Facilitates Entrepreneur’s Everyday Life.

What is corporate governance?

Running company is essentially agreeing with different people about how you will work together. The documents that prove that and the processes how you control it is what is called corporate governance. When you get a new supplier, you agree…

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The accounting firm of the future

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