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Offer new services

Using Kuveno, you can take greater responsibility for managing the administration of your customers. You can offer to handle board management, contracts and many other administrative tasks.

Offer a managed document service

In Kuveno, you will find a complete administrative folder structure that clearly shows which documents are there and which are missing. You can offer a new kind of service to your customer, in which you make sure that all documents are found and up to date. You can automate a large part of this work with the help of Kuveno.

Create documents with your customer

Many of the documents needed by SMEs are simple from a legal point of view. But few entrepreneurs have the time to familiarize themselves with the administrative details and getting a document written can be painful. With the help of the intelligent document technology in Kuveno, you can create documents with or for your customers. Kuveno guides you, so you get the documents done quickly and flawlessly.

Administrative task-lists

In practice, many administrative issues are straightforward, but require time to understand and get right. For example, switching board members or hiring a new employee requires several small steps. In Kuveno, you can find pre-made task-lists that you can send to your customer. They are a collection of steps that are easy to follow. If the customer does not have time to do the tasks themselves they can delegate it to you. Using Kuveno, you can get them done quickly.

Manage their board work

In order for the governance to be in order, board meetings have to be documented. Using Kuveno, you can suggest to your customer that you take care of the logistics of their board meetings. Collecting meeting materials, sending invitations, writing a memo, and getting signatures is easy and effective with Kuveno. Pre-made templates, reminders, and our intelligent document technology does most of the work for you.

Offer monthly reporting with KPIs

Accounting systems produce reports and maybe even charts, but does it ultimately benefit your customers? With Kuveno you can setup key progress indicators, track them and provide an easy way to fill in the numbers. You can offer this as a service, making your customers more satisfied and perhaps getting a higher price. It doesn’t take you long, as you can automate it with Kuveno.

Offer advice exactly when it’s needed

You’ve probably heard that an entrepreneur does not understand financial matters and needs help. This kind of economic consulting would be a good additional service to offer to your customers. But the difficulty is the selling: knowing exactly when your customer needs advice and then offer it to them. Kuveno does this for you. When a customer takes a look at their latest reports or when the month changes, Kuveno automatically suggests that they use your consulting services.

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