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Communicate and collaborate with your customer

Your customer relationship improves when your customers know what is going on.  And you can see in one place what you’ve agreed and how the tasks your clients should do are progressing.

Plan the year with your customer

The average entrepreneur does not know what administrative tasks should be taken care of during the year. Using the yearly calendar, you and your customer can plan when tasks re expected to be completed. VAT declarations, board meetings, annual general meeting, renewal of insurance – everything can be put into the calendar. When your customers are aware of what is happening, they can better anticipate and get things done on time. Kuveno reminds everyone well in advance.

Collect all communication into one view

E-mail is a powerful tool, but it is difficult to connect the email conversation to the action that needs to be performed. In Kuveno, documents and discussions about administrative matters are stored in the same place. You can still use e-mail, you just need to attach Kuveno to the conversation, then everything will be stored automatically for you.


One of the expectations customers have for their accounting firm is that the accountant reminds them of things that have not yet been done. With Kuveno, you can set reminders on behalf of your client for any administrative issue or task. This will make the customer happy without the need for you to remember it.

Set customer status meetings

You can also set your own status or customer relationship management meetings with the yearly planner. You can meet to keep the customer happy and go through an agenda pre-prepared and discussed in Kuveno.

Automate the customer management (coming soon)

In addition to automatic reminders, it would be helpful if someone could ensure that your customers are happy. With Kuveno, you can choose an automated customer relationship management model and focus on your work instead of calling your customer all the time. Kuveno discusses with your customer and makes sure they are satisfied. When needs arise, Kuveno suggests to the customer to buy more of your services, or lets you know that the customer needs your attention.

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