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All of your business administration in one place

Create, sign and archive your company’s most important documents and contracts, manage your board work, and collaborate with your accounting firm – automated and electronically.

Create contracts and documents

The core of your business is the agreements you make with customers, employees and others. The quicker and safer you can create these documents, the better off you are. 

Kuveno contains ready made templates for all of your needs, and intelligent document creation technology, that automatically fills in your information and is very easy to use.

Lead and organize the work with your Board of Directors

Even a small limited liability company must arrange board meetings and document the decisions and minutes of the meetings.

Kuveno streamlines your board work and creates meeting agendas and schedules, and archives minutes in the right place – automated and electronically of course.

Work with your shareholders

All limited companies need to manage the relationship with their owners: arrange shareholder meetings, record meeting minutes and maintain a register of the shareholders. 

As you might guess already, Kuveno automates even this for you.

Manage your contracts and documents

After signing a document, you need to be able to find it and remember to act on it. 

Kuveno automates your contract management. You can search and filter documents by their metadata (name, parties, date, contract type, expiration date, etc.) and set reminders based on the content of the contract.

Sign contract electronically

Limited companies processes are often slowed down because of decisions that should be documented and signed manually.

With Kuveno, you sign all contracts and documents as required by law – securely and digitally.

Follow and maintain your due diligence

When you are preparing for a funding round, getting a loan or trying to convince somebody to join your board as an external board member, you need to prove that your administration and your company is in good shape. 

With Kuveno you maintain your due diligence readiness automatically, and can even see how close you are to perfect due diligence by following up on the dashboard.

Manage your admin process and collaboration with your accountant

Many admin tasks require that you know exactly what to do. The tasks themselves are usually not that difficult, but because they are typically relatively infrequent, it may take a lot of effort and time to get them done. 

With Kuveno some of these tasks can be delegated to your service providers, like your accountant. Kuveno also provides pre-written assignments that work like checklists of things that you need to do.

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